13 May 2009

Young guys at Kileshwar

Young guys at KileshwarThis photo probably doesn't need any commentary... ;^)

Note: I currently don't have Internet access and won't have it again until this weekend, so won't be able to respond to comments until then. I've scheduled posts for most days, though, so there'll be something up for you to look at. Enjoy!
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PurestGreen said...

Oh, I love the look on the face of the boy on the left. Such strength of character, such wisdom.

the watercats said...

I agree with purestgreen there.. there's something about that kid that will go on to do great things, or at least, notorious things, lol. Like the lad's necklace on the right.. might have to steal that idea!

Barbara said...

I think of John Lennon's song "Beautiful, Beautiful Boy"!

jelb said...

Great portrait..Amazing brightness and composition..Bravo!

Zhoen said...


Ruahines said...

Kia ora Pete,
Hard to get my head around but that same Little Bird which flew in my window a year ago and sang it was time to wish you a happy birthday just did again! Where does the time go? Hope you had a great day.

pohanginapete said...

Thanks everyone. They were certainly characters. I often wonder about the future of the kids there; India's changing so fast and Kileshwar seemed to epitomise that change. I can't imagine these two remaining there to milk buffalo by hand and listen to their grandfathers' tales of things that have hardly changed for millennia.

(Cheers Robb. It was indeed a good one.)