24 May 2009

Sandy Crichton, film maker

Sandy CrichtonReel Earth, Aotearoa's Environmental Film Festival, is halfway through a fortnight of screenings. Last night Sandy Crichton presented his film Karearea: The Pine Falcon to a full house. If you missed it and are anywhere near Palmerston North, you have another chance to see it this Tuesday at 6 pm. Otherwise, watch out for it somewhere near you. It's brilliant.
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Anne-Marie said...

What a shame I missed this movie - it sounds fantastic. I hope you enjoyed meeting Sandy.

the watercats said...

It's interesting seeing your photos of kiwis!.. You lot definitely have a 'kiwi' look!.. I think I could probably tell a kiwi from a mile away now, even without the "wendy willington" accent.. :-D
That another nice portrait too!

pohanginapete said...

Anne-Marie, you'd have loved it, I'm sure. Humour, poignancy, a strong storyline, excellent photography... It won three awards at our festival. And yeah, Sandy's a good guy. We can probably arrange another screening of the film, but getting Sandy back here won't be quite so straightforward (The British Council funded his trip here).

Watercats — well, how do I put this? Although he's spent a few years in New Zealand, he's actually Glaswegian ;^) You can read more about him and the film on the Karearea website. After holidaying in NZ around the millennium, he returned in 2003 to enrol in the Postgraduate Diploma in Natural History Filmmaking and Communication at the University of Otago (possibly the world's premier postgrad natural history filmmaking course). So, maybe it's all that time here since then that's conferred that 'kiwi' look... (He's based in Wales now, but with luck we'll see him back. He seems pretty taken with Aotearoa/NZ).

the watercats said...

lol..! There you go.. or there I go at least!.. me and my big mouth, thinking I've got the everything sussed!... I've just concluded that I talk complete and utter bollix, (as they say over here).. :-)

pohanginapete said...

No worries, watercats. It's always nice to hear from you :^)