30 December 2016

Grey-headed canary flycatcher, Jamnagar, Gujarat

In Jamnagar, a typically hectic mid-sized Indian city, sits a closed-down tea processing factory. The grounds cover 33 acres (according to the caretaker), and the primary occupants are the thorny scrub interspersed with dry clearings, and the birds. It's tranquil, and it's a great place to watch birds of many kinds if you're lucky enough to get permission to visit, as I was.

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25 December 2016

Tuba wallah, Bundi

I had a great time photographing in Bundi. Sometimes I couldn't get a smile while I had the camera up, but that was because it disappeared as soon as I raised the camera and reappeared afterwards. I think many people have the idea that portraits must be formal and smiling's forbidden.

Merry Christmas from Udaipur. Tomorrow evening I catch a sleeper bus all the way to Jamnagar in Gujarat.

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12 December 2016

Jeep driver at Rudraprayag

I'd already scored the front passenger seat in a jeep going from Rudraprayag to Rishikesh, but other jeep drivers kept trying to steal me. Maybe that's how this guy scored his black eye ;-)

Speaking of eyes, keep one out for new photographs on my Instagram account.

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05 December 2016

Lunch stop on the way to Champawat

After crossing the far western border from Nepal to India, I caught a shared van from Tanakpur to Champawat. We stopped for lunch at one of the typical roadside dhabas. The kitchen staff thought being photographed was hilarious. Great, good-humoured fun all round.

I'm back in Almora, heading for Kausani tomorrow after a few days in Naini Tal. The nights are bitterly cold, and I don't know whether I'll be able to cope with Josimath, so I might be heading for Delhi again sooner than intended.

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01 December 2016

Feeding time at Thakurdwara, near Bardia NP, Nepal

One evening I walked along the road leading from the lodge. Several people called out welcomes,and I enjoyed watching some of the daily tasks of life in and around Thakurdwara.

[I'm in Almora, Uttarakhand, India, now. Tomorrow I'll probably head for Naini Tal and do a day visit to nearby Sattal for the birdlife. Then it's on again, to Kausani and deeper into Uttarakhand, eventually to Josimath, then down to Rudraprayag and back to Delhi via Rishikesh. That's the vague plan, but who knows what will happen?]

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