27 September 2015

Moon and fence

The gibbous moon, whether waxing like this or waning, always unsettles me. The restlessness sets in; I need to be moving on, going somewhere, seeking strange places.

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18 September 2015

The path with no end

This is a heavily processed composite of three photographs, intended to convey an impression. If I could say what the impression was, the image wouldn't be necessary.

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09 September 2015

Tui again

Another photograph of one of the dozen or so tui in the flowering cherry trees at Massey University on Saturday morning.

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05 September 2015

Tui in spring blossom

Several days ago, Lisa alerted me to the fact that the flowering cherry trees at Massey University were alive with tui. This morning I finally spent some time there with the camera, getting frustrated by the rapid movements of the tui, their infuriating habit of feeding from the flowers on the far side of the cluster, and the bright sky that always seemed to intrude in the background. The wind felt colder than a spring wind had any right to be, too, and by the time I gave up I must have been close to hypothermic. I did manage a handful of acceptable photographs, though. Thanks, Lisa :-)

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04 September 2015


Yes, it's another kereru, but photographing these birds without pointing the camera upwards can be difficult. So, when I could climb the bank opposite this bird to photograph from the same level, I took the opportunity. Not technically great, but I like the feel of the photograph.

Photographing's taken a bit of a back seat lately while I attend to other matters. Sorry.

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