27 September 2015

Moon and fence

The gibbous moon, whether waxing like this or waning, always unsettles me. The restlessness sets in; I need to be moving on, going somewhere, seeking strange places.

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Lisa Emerson said...

You've certainly captured an unsettling image here, Pete. It's beautiful, yes - but startling, worrying. Like an attempt to confine beauty. I can see that I'll be thinking about this and coming back to it again and again.

Avus said...

Yes, Pete, as Lisa says above, unsettling. The barbed wire confining you. The serene moon seemingly unobtainable.
I used always got that "up and away" feeling as autumn came upon me - the need to be roaming. Now somewhat curtailed because of health and age.
Don't leave us!

Barbara Butler McCoy said...

I think this is quite the visual metaphor - excellent! I am on much the same wavelength as the others. This moon, this season, I begin to get a real feel for the concept of going 'walkabout.'

gz said...

unsettling but full of energy

pohanginapete said...

Thanks everyone. Nice to hear that it seems to convey the restlessness, the feeling of being unsettled. I think this must be difficult to view without getting caught up in at least two strong metaphors: the moon and the fence (particularly the barbed wire).

When I photographed this I hadn't realised it was just a few days short of the super moon. A shame we missed seeing the eclipse here in Aotearoa.