04 October 2015


It's about time for something awesomely cute.

I photographed this little jumping spider just a few days ago in exactly the same place where I photographed an apparently identical jumping spider in mid December last year (same position on the same fallen tree). It's a reasonably safe bet that it's the same undescribed species. I don't know how long they live or whether it might have survived the winter, but it'd be nice to think this was the same individual.

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Lisa Emerson said...

I'm not entirely sure that "awesomely cute" are the words that spring to mind! But for me the immense value of this image is to see the detail of something I might overlook: the fine hairs, the circle of...they're eyes, aren't they? It is, indeed, "wondrously made".

And if it IS the same individual you photographed last year, I do hope it's not alone...

Zhoen said...

Or would it be a daughter? Depends on E.B. White's actual telling of spider biology, since that's what I'm basing this on.

Much fuzzier than my Daring Jumping Spiders, but likely in the same extended family.

Barbara Butler McCoy said...

I'll go with the awesomeness of this specimen - that ring of eyes (?) is rather intimidating. (Hmmm ... I'm sensing a story in this ...) Superb shot, Pete.

Relatively Retiring said...

Another soft toy, just enough time to make for Christmas!

pohanginapete said...

Lisa, yes, they're eyes. Most spiders have eight; a few types have six. Jumping spiders are notable for their well-developed vision.

Zhoen, they're very variable in appearance (some are spectacularly iridescent, although not here in New Zealand, alas), and this does seem to be particularly fluffy compared to most of the other New Zealand jumping spiders. Oh, and judging from the size of those palps, it's probably a he.

Barbara, thanks. Yes, they're eyes, and I'm glad I'm not the size of a fly, because having those staring at me would make me very nervous ;-)

RR, I can't wait to see the photographs!