16 October 2015

It's blackbird nesting time again

For the past few years a pair of blackbirds has nested just below the roof of the walkway at work. Largely unperturbed by the constant human passers-by, they've raised a couple of broods each year. The first chicks this spring are growing at a phenomenal rate, so I decided to photograph them before they leave the nest. Look carefully and you'll see three chicks (well, not much of the third, but enough!)

I'm usually reluctant to photograph nests, or even search for them, because of the potential disruption, which in the worst case can lead either to the adults abandoning the nest or to predators like cats finding the nest. Here, though, they're used to the attention, and in any case I stood well back with the long lens on the camera for this photograph.

I love the way birds use the things we think we built for ourselves.

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Relatively Retiring said...

I couldn't close my garden shed (well, one of my garden sheds) for several weeks because a family of robins was in residence. They had helped themselves to straw, raffia and a flowerpot, all available within a couple of hops.

Lisa Emerson said...

Today, these three flew from their nest. One had already gone when I arrived at work first thing, and the second not long after. The third was not so keen, I watched him sit on the edge of the nest this afternoon, while the parents encouraged from nearby buildings, one with a beakful of worms. And when I went back out, the last fledgling and the parents were gone.

Zhoen said...

All cozy and waiting for lunch.

pohanginapete said...

RR, that's typical of the way birds own us. Thanks for putting up with them!

Lisa, I wish them well and hope they make it. I wonder how long it'll be before the parents start a new brood?

Zhoen — and lunch comes every few minutes throughout the daylight hours. They don't know how lucky they are.