09 October 2015


The foxgloves have begun to bolt. They're strikingly graphic plants at most stages of their life history and, even though they're considered weeds, I'd think the place poorer if they weren't here. So too would the bumblebees.

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Relatively Retiring said...

Who dares to say they are weeds? I've just planted a double batch of white foxgloves after I lost most of the originals last year. They are beautiful plants and wonderful for insects.

Relatively Retiring said...

P.S. Come on over and see them!

Elephant's Child said...

Echoing Relatively Retiring. Weeds? Not in my garden. And how I wish they would naturalise to the point where they could, perhaps, by the uninformed, be considered weeds in it.

Barbara Butler McCoy said...

Seems all the things I love are things the uninformed call weeds (whether they are or not!) - things like Queen Anee's Lace and Wisteria. What do they know, eh? I'm with the bees! An apically beautiful photo, Pete.

Zhoen said...

Source of digitalis, and modern cardiac medications.

pohanginapete said...

RR, New Zealand still has a very powerful farming lobby, and anything that might reduce the amount of grazing available for dairy cattle (in particular) or other money-making animals isn't well regarded. I, on the other hand, agree entirely with you (and I'd love to see your wonderful garden again).

EC, do you know Uncle Bill's paddock, by the marvellous Australian group My Friend the Chocolate Cake? Pretty much sums up my attitude.

Zhoen, yes — a remarkable plant in so many ways.

Barbara — ah, bees! Remarkable animals. Many years ago I was involved in some research on bumblebee pheromones, and at that point I realised the significance of foxgloves for bumblebees. I mentally associate the two now.