25 December 2016

Tuba wallah, Bundi

I had a great time photographing in Bundi. Sometimes I couldn't get a smile while I had the camera up, but that was because it disappeared as soon as I raised the camera and reappeared afterwards. I think many people have the idea that portraits must be formal and smiling's forbidden.

Merry Christmas from Udaipur. Tomorrow evening I catch a sleeper bus all the way to Jamnagar in Gujarat.

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gz said...


Zhoen said...

He has a rather mad look in his eyes, but maybe that's just from playing tuba too much.

pohanginapete said...

Thanks gz :-)

Zhoen, you could be right. Or maybe he's had to listen to too much tuba playing. The bands in India are something else; they have to be heard to be believed. Volume is everything.)