01 December 2016

Feeding time at Thakurdwara, near Bardia NP, Nepal

One evening I walked along the road leading from the lodge. Several people called out welcomes,and I enjoyed watching some of the daily tasks of life in and around Thakurdwara.

[I'm in Almora, Uttarakhand, India, now. Tomorrow I'll probably head for Naini Tal and do a day visit to nearby Sattal for the birdlife. Then it's on again, to Kausani and deeper into Uttarakhand, eventually to Josimath, then down to Rudraprayag and back to Delhi via Rishikesh. That's the vague plan, but who knows what will happen?]

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Barbara Butler McCoy said...

The rhythm of the curves of the necks and upswept ears is lovely. At first glance I thought the guy carrying hay was a rather scraggly ostrich-like bird. As an aside, I think those bovines could stand a bit more of that hay.

pohanginapete said...

Barbara, most of the cattle I've seen in India look as if they could do with some good quality forage. The dogs aren't much better, and I've never seen a cat in India that wasn't skinny. Oh, ... except for the big cats (tigress and leopards) at the Naini Tal zoo, which, despite my reservations about zoos of any kind, are indisputably very well fed.