05 May 2009

Bouldering at Baring Head, 2009

Baring Head bouldering 2009
Another from the National Bouldering Series 2009 event at Baring Head. Not all climbing is about going up (or down, rapidly) — traverses can be exceedingly difficult and a lot of fun. They're also a lot less scary (usually).

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the watercats said...

That looks like such tiring work...I feel knackered just glancing. Also, are they the bones of a climber in the forground?.hehehe

Anne-Marie said...

Cool! I love the vividness and the colours in this photo. The composition is unusual too [it’s unusual, it’s different, it’s nice, I like it …].

Definitely looking forward to the day my knee is fixed properly and I can give bouldering a go. I’m sure I’ll be hopeless at it – but that’s not the point, is it?

[Word verification: undies. ~smirk~]

pohanginapete said...

Watercats, hah! But, given how hard some people climbed that day, there might be a few bones lying around now. Actually, although the first few occasions can be hard work (your arms get pumped up so very soon it's impossible to hang on to anything), you come right pretty fast. If you climbed once or twice a week for about a month, you'd be able to do some long sessions (provided you didn't go hard out at the start). I think you'd find it fun. Climbing seems to be innate for most of us — especially kids :^)

Anne-Marie — or should I say Kath? Or Kim? — you might be better than you think. Bouldering's more about grace, elegance and body awareness than strength (although that eventually becomes important), and your background in yoga should help considerably.
I will refrain from commenting on your word verification :^P