11 May 2009

Oriental magpie robin, Kileshwar

Oriental magpie robinOriental magpie robins (Copsychus saularis) differ taxonomically from New Zealand robins but it's easy to see the similarities—in both appearance and mannerisms. This is a female; males have stronger markings (Rajiv Lather has a beautiful photo of a male on the Birds of India site).

Note: I currently don't have Internet access and won't have it again until next weekend, so won't be able to respond to comments until then. I've scheduled posts for most days, though, so there'll be something up for you to look at. Enjoy!
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den said...

I do look and enjoy!

jelb said...

Very nice composition..Beautiful detail..Bravo!

Zhoen said...

The head feathers look more like fur.

Michael said...

Cool bird. Looks like a man-made hybrid.

pohanginapete said...

den and jelb, welcome, and thanks :^) Glad you like the photo.

Zhoen, true — makes me want to reach out and stroke it.

Michael, I guess it does look a bit like that. Very much a wild bird, though.