15 May 2009

Fruit bat at Kileshwar

Fruit batSometimes called flying foxes (for obvious reasons), fruit bats were common in the trees around the temple at Kileshwar.

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PurestGreen said...

Oh how wonderful. I love the light through the wing, and the sunshine on the fur.

the watercats said...

*hugely grins.
I love fruitbats! They are possibly one of my favourite mammals. This is due in part to the starring of one on an add for fruit pastel sweets. His name was Kevin... This is such a beautiful photo, there is so much potential, any number of things could happen next!

Zhoen said...

I think bats are lovely, and your photo shows it. Those wings look like huge brown leaves.

robin andrea said...

Such a beautiful creature. It looks so lovely against that perfectly blue sky.

pohanginapete said...

Purest Green, I was lucky to get a clear shot of this one with no branches in the way and the wing outstretched.

Watercats — don't know this one's name ;^P Might have been Kevin, but it doesn't sound very Indian... Glad you liked the photo.

Zhoen, bats get bad press, unjustifiably. I'm pleased this photo's struck such a responsive chord and I hope it might encourage other viewers to appreciate them more.

robin andrea, I was lucky with the colours, too. Maybe a bat god was watching over me ;^)