08 May 2009

Glenn Colquhoun, poet

Glenn ColquhounGlenn Colquhoun is one of Aotearoa's best-known and most appreciated poets, appealing to academics and general audiences alike. He's won numerous awards and is currently the 2009 Visiting Literary Artist at Massey University.

This evening (Friday 8 May, 7 pm) he'll be reading at the Palmerston North library. If you're in the area and enjoy wonderfully presented performances of excellent poems, make a point of being there.

I walked into the library last week and noticed the posters advertising Glenn's reading. Something about the photo looked familiar. A few seconds' puzzlement, then I realised: the photo was mine. I'd sent Glenn the photo after photographing him at last year's reading. He was most appreciative and clearly liked the photo.
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butuki said...

I like the photo, too.

the watercats said...

Just clicked on the link and this guy looks really interesting, am going to look deeper. There aren't many poets who I enjoy reading often, but I think this fella might become one of the few. Great portrait too! Cheers for opening up a new thing on a Friday morning :-)

pohanginapete said...

Thanks Miguel.

Watercats, reading Glenn's poems is great, but hearing him deliver them is at least as good. Last night was no exception.
Glad I've introduced you to his work.