10 December 2008

Snow and ice, Mt Ruapehu

On a climb of Girdlestone, one of Mt Ruapehu's subsidiary summits, in 2005

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lesley said...

Why can't I photograph ice and snow as well as this? Love the little piece sticking up and casting a shadow, and the light only just catching, in three tiny places, the edge of the ice in the foreground.

pohanginapete said...

Lesley, thank you. I worked hard for this one! Physically, of course, although the snow was almost perfect for walking; and photographically, because judging the exposure can be difficult. Digital cameras, with their instant feedback, do offer substantial advantages over film where exposure is critical. In fact, the most common problem for snow scenes (with both film and digital) is underexposure — the camera's meter interprets the scene as 18% grey rather than near white. The results can sometimes be striking (often colourful), but convey an impression strongly at odds with what most of us would perceive, were we there.

Michael said...

I'm fallinggggggg.

Too beautiful. Glad you were there.

pohanginapete said...

Michael, I'm glad I was there, too! Thanks :^)