13 December 2008

Sack mender, Jodhpur market

Sack mender, Jodhpur
In an out of the way corner of the main market in Jodhpur, I came across two men mending sacks. I have no idea whether this was their only work; no idea how long they mended sacks each day. They did seem pleased I was interested, although perhaps they were enjoying the craziness of foreigners who were interested in sack mending.

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Relatively Retiring said...

He does indeed look proud of your interest and of his job.The delicacy of his hands speaks volumes.
Multipurpose hessian sacks are valuable things - I wish we could get hold of them here.

Zhoen said...

I love the foot on the rough cloth, the knife behind his heel.

The kind expression on his face is so appealing.

pohanginapete said...

RR, I agree; it's sad that these old style sacks seem to be so rare now. A sugar bag could be converted into a very functional day pack with nothing more than some cord and a couple of corks — it weighed and cost almost (or actually) nothing and was once common in the New Zealand mountains. A deluxe version used climbing tape or actual straps, making it more comfortable when heavily loaded but retaining its other advantages. Now the pikau (from the Maori word "to carry") has largely been replaced by fancy high-tech daypacks, and even the commercial version of the pikau is expensive. And that's only one use.

Zhoen, I really like the textures in this photo, and I enjoyed the short time I spent with the two workers.