15 December 2008

Cat at the Jodhpur fort

Cat at the fort, Jodhpur
After rooms full of knives and ramparts arrayed with cannon, small lives like these in the shadows of human history, surviving in the face of the threat of the human future, filled me with hope.

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Emma said...

Lovely. And reminds me of my favorite character from childhood, Daniel the Tiger: http://www.fci.org/files/cast/daniel_tiger.jpg

Relatively Retiring said...

How charming. The next in this series, please, is 'Kitten meets Palm Squirrel at Jodhpur'.

pohanginapete said...

I hadn't met Daniel the Tiger, Emma, but I do see a resemblance there.

RR, if I'd managed a photo like that I'm sure it would have been an abstract blur of fur. I wouldn't have bet on who would have won, either — this little cat wasn't much bigger than the palm squirrel ;^)