22 December 2008

A dream of dark water

Dark water
A dream of dark water, something whispering under branches. A hollow splash, ripples spreading. The moment begins to fragment as the slow stream swallows sound and light.

[Below the bridge over Te Awaoteatua Stream, 2 November 2008.]

All content © 2008 Pete McGregor


Emma said...

Gorgeous and dream-like.

Michael said...

This makes me feel vertiginous like your recent snow picture. I want to turn on the light beside my bed and move away from the edge.

Dave said...

Perfect combination of words and photo.

Michelle said...

Eerily beautiful - and a little frightening.

pohanginapete said...

Emma, thanks! :^)

Michael, I had to laught at your comment, but it does have that feel to it, doesn't it? Perhaps something to do with the slight motion blur of the water and the absence of the land itself?

Dave, the words followed the photo; the photo followed something else — some kind of old, strange feeling. Yet each of those elements seemed to feed back on the other. Cheers!

Michelle — that's the kind of feeling. And, given none of those words describe me (I trust!), I wonder where the feeling came from? Thank you :^)