27 December 2008

Bantam egg

White egg, white cloth
Colour can be more subtle than we generally realise.

[Six of these delightful little bantams' eggs were a gift I can hardly bring myself to eat. I'll manage, though.]

All content © 2008 Pete McGregor


Emma said...

Very pleassing. I love the detail of the bump on the egg, a good contrast to its otherwise relative smoothness, and a nice almost-echo of the patterned cloth. Sir, you could make a killing selling your shots online, you do realize?

Emma said...

Nice. The proofreader spelled "pleasing" wrong. Sigh.

Anne-Marie said...

Tut tut, Emma.

I couldn't bring myself to eat this egg either, Pete. Although, for a different reason than yours :-) Me 'n' eggs are not friends.

Like Emma, I love the little pimple on the egg's bottom. In fact, I have to say this photo is quite appealing. For an egg.

pohanginapete said...

Emma, typos are fine. This isn't — or shouldn't, I trust — be work. I also copy edit but try to be philosophical about errors in my own writing. It's harder for one's own work, of course.
And thanks for the faith in my photos, although I struggle to share your confidence in their fiscal value. It'd be great to have a wealthy client/sponsor (surely Bill Gates would like a nice photo on his wall?), but I'm happy knowing you and others enjoy the photos :^)

Anne-Marie, your — shall we say dislike? — of eggs makes your appreciation of the photo all the more significant. Thank you :^)

Relatively Retiring said...

Bantam eggs make wonderful cakes. Oh, sorry, correction - people may make wonderful cakes using bantam eggs. The innocently bland exterior belies the richness within, and if it's allowed to turn into a bantam, it's even better!
Another deeply philosophical portrait. Obviously.

Michael said...

Oh yes, white is never white. The whole world is reflected in your humble egg I think.

pohanginapete said...

RR: "The innocently bland exterior belies the richness within" — I love that. It sounds like a Damien Hirst title. In fact, if I ever get this photo printed and framed, I'll appropriate your phrase for the title :^)

Michael, nicely put. Thanks :^)

Zhoen said...

Egg of the World.

Relatively Retiring said...

Oh, great! But don't forget you may also use it for people! I'll waive my copyright for you.

pohanginapete said...

Zhoen, which is more fragile? The egg or the world?

RR, thank you, and that's a good thought.