11 December 2008

July snow

Just four months ago, snow coated the southern Ruahine, not quite reaching down to my place.

All content © 2008 Pete McGregor


Relatively Retiring said...

How stunningly beautiful....I could look at this for many hours. The quality of the light is wonderful.
One thing that gets me out of bed on a dark winter morning is the thought of tottering downstairs to see what you've posted in the night.
I keep looking at the previous snow photographs as well. PLEASE get on with the book!

Anonymous said...

this one sends a surge of excitement through my veins

oh to be back in those hills

tom uk

Anne-Marie said...

Wow. This one is a stunner, Pete. I'm not a mountain person but I keep going back to look at this picture.

Interesting that quite a few of your December photos have involved snow and ice. Is that deliberate?

I too look forward to hearing the book has started.

Ruahines said...

Kia ora Pete,
What can I write? Except thanks for posting this. I can look at this one for hours, and will.

Vickie said...

What an incredible view. Beautiful country and photo.

pohanginapete said...

RR, thanks for the reminder. I haven't forgotten the book, but I guess that's not the same as saying it's well underway...

Tom, they're still here — not as cold as in this photo, but just as inviting.

Anne-Marie, if there's anything deliberate about it, it's probably that the photos depict mountains rather than snow and ice. But maybe there's something subconscious going on? And do keep the pressure on about the book — it helps.

Cheers Robb. I guessed you'd appreciate this one in particular :^)

Vicki, yes, I'm certainly lucky to live here. Thanks :^)

Michael said...

I love where you live. Must visit some day.

pohanginapete said...

Michael, you'd be most welcome. I'll show you some marvellous places.

D.V.A. said...

oh my, it's astonishing. like two worlds collide. I see the snowy tops like a severe threat to the green surroundings closest to you, marching in to swallow the whole world. but then again, I hate winter, so that may be why I vilify it so promptly. July in New Zealand :) very nice

pohanginapete said...

D.V.A., it is indeed quite a contrast. I don't hate winter, but I do find it difficult, and any sunshine is most welcome.