31 July 2014

The road from Manali to Leh (2)

Here's another photograph from the second day of the journey. A traffic jam (yes) on a long switchback climb meant we had to stop and wait while the downhill traffic -- mostly trucks -- squeezed past. The advantage was the opportunity to get out, stretch our legs, and attempt more deliberate photographs rather than the hit-or-miss snaps from the open window of the bouncing minibus.

I'm settling in a Leh, mostly acclimated to the altitude now, sleeping well, enjoying the delightful hospitality of a guest house high up above the noise of the town below, but relying on restaurants for wifi -- probably a good thing, as it removes the temptation to spend longer than I should in places other than where I actually am. :^)

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Relatively Retiring said...

It looks like one vast sculpture (well, I suppose it is, really).

Elephant's Child said...

I bet the trucks you had to wait for where packed to the gun-whales (and beyond) as well.
Stunning photo of harsh, pared back elegance. And unexpected beauty.

Zhoen said...

So much naked geology, wow.

Barbara Butler McCoy said...

I am glad a picture is worth a thousand words because my vocabulary is taxed to describe the beauty and power here! Safe traveling.

pohanginapete said...

Thank you, EC. The trucks mostly had fixed canopies, so it was hard to tell how jam-packed they were, but I bet you're right.

RR, true -- and an aggressive sculptor, too.

Zhoen, yep, it's all out there on display.

Barbara, thank you :^)