16 July 2014

Beetle at Dharamsala

Yesterday evening in the more temperate weather of McLeod Ganj (the upper part of Dharamsala (or Dharamshala if you prefer the local spelling)), I walked partway up the road to Dharamkot, hoping for photographable views. I found none but did find plenty of other interesting things at the opposite end of the size scale, among them, several of these beetles among the abundant, head-high nettles along the roadside. For the first time in India, I put the macro lens on and set up the flash.

The monsoon arrived later in the evening: rain as I've never heard it, as if the roof might buckle under the weight of water; lightning; a continuous rumble of thunder, one peal merging with the next. By morning the rain had begun to ease; by late morning the cloud had begun to break, and the sky's alternated between sunshine, cloud and occasional light showers. Mostly, the light's been lousy for photographs, but maybe this evening I'll at last find a view worth a photograph. Meanwhile, I have a relatively inexpensive room with a view, a balcony, and even a desk that's perfect for writing. I think I'll be here for a few days.

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Relatively Retiring said...

Another (slightly prickly) soft toy?
Your situation sounds great as long as the roof holds up.

pohanginapete said...

That must be quite a collection you're accumulating, RR (or at least have in mind).