21 July 2014

Evening street, Dharamsala

This is what Dharamsala looks like in the evening. Actually, it's much more frenetic than it appears here, and I'll post one or two more photographs to help give you the feel of the craziness. Still, by Indian standards it really does live up to its reputation of being relaxed.

The Gakyi, pictured here, became my regular breakfast spot and is one of the things I'll most miss about Dharamsala.

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Relatively Retiring said...

Does it include the Lavish inn and Black Magic restaurant, or do you just go for the vegetarian option?
And is there no escape from CocaCola?

pohanginapete said...

RR, no, those are completely separate from the Gakyi, which is a tiny, homely little place. And, no, escape from Coca-Cola is not possible!

Zhoen said...

Nice looking little dive. (And I mean that affectionately.)

pohanginapete said...

Zhoen, it was indeed a nice little dive, and I developed strong affection for it.