12 March 2010

The South Island from the North

A lot farther than it looks

A record shot from the evening when we stood on the southern Wairarapa coast and looked across the sea to the South Island. It really was like this (although this is a telephoto shot).

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Relatively Retiring said...

How long does that journey take - by boat? Can people swim it, like the English Channel (not the French Channel, please note)?

Barbara said...

This makes me want to break out my paint box! I like this unusual sunset 'palette.'

pohanginapete said...

RR, Cook Strait has been swum several times, although no one's done it recently as far as I'm aware (maybe the novelty's no longer there). What's more, years ago the swimmer Philip Rush swam there and back.

Barbara, I imagine sunsets would be difficult to paint because the light changes so quickly. It's hard enough trying to photograph when it looks different a minute or two later!

pohanginapete said...

RR, sorry, I meant to add the journey on the ferry takes between three and four hours, although much of that is a long journey through the sounds to (or from) Picton. The open water section between the islands takes much less time — not sure, but I think it's well under half the total time.