22 March 2010

Lake weed, Lake Wanaka


From a small jetty we peered down into the still water. Weed hung there, the upper fronds clearly visible, the lower parts somewhere out of sight in the darker murk. One might expect a creature from Celtic myth to stir, appear momentarily, then sink back out of sight.

All content © 2010 Pete McGregor


AJB said...

Potamogeton ochreatus perhaps?

pohanginapete said...

Andrew, I have no idea — not my field, so to speak ;^) — but it fits the description and the habitat. Be nice to think it was actually a native rather than yet another adventive weed. Thanks for the suggestion.

leonie.wise said...

what a great photo pete. just goes to show that overly detailed scenes are not necessary in order to capture beauty.


pohanginapete said...

Thanks Leonie. I wasn't expecting a flood of comments for this — it's usually the immediately spectacular photos that attract attention — so it's good to hear you appreciate it. I kept coming back to this one before deciding to post it, and I suspect that compulsion to look at it again signifies something going on at a deeper level.