04 March 2010

Macrocarpas, southern Wairarapa coast

An example of why I love macrocarpas

The view seaward from the narrow beach at sunset captivated us; I don't recall ever seeing the South Island so clearly from the North and the colours of the sky, after the sun disappeared behind the Kaikoura Ranges, lit up the foam washing around our bare feet. But the light behind us, making the seawall glow, sliding around the trunks of the old, weathered macrocarpas and slipping under their branches, also entranced me.

We were there to enjoy the weekend with friends; for another perspective, read Anne-Marie’s post.

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butuki said...

That's a sublime photo, Pete! Quite unexpected, and I don't know why.

pohanginapete said...

Thanks Miguel. That's what I thought about the scene when I saw it. Most of my photography is primarily intuitive — something feels right (different from "looking right"). Sometimes it's useful to think hard about it later, and a little thought at the time can help, but if I have to think really hard before I press the shutter release, the photo probably won't work — at least not as well as as photos where I feel compelled to photograph right at that moment.