11 December 2009

White River, Arthur's Pass NP

Typical of the riverbeds on the Canterbury side of the Southern Alps
Day two of a magnificent week in the mountains in early 2005. Terry, Lance and I left Carrington hut early in the morning and walked up the White river, eventually arriving at the marvellously situated Barker Hut.

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P.E.A. said...

This makes me think yet again about the air fare to New Zealand.
I want to breathe some of that air.

Barbara said...

I'd settle for air fare to Washington State! I've been longing for the beaches we'd roam on the Puget Sound... Ahhh, the power of great photography!

pohanginapete said...

P.E.A. — plenty of good air over here. What else can I do to encourage you?

Barbara, I've never visited Washington State, but I've heard plenty about it and understand its appeal. Photos are fine, but they're no substitute for the real thing.