23 December 2009


I have no tattoos and have never seen anyone tattooed, so when I got the invitation to photograph the process I jumped at the chance. This is Deane, from the Soul Graffiti Tattoo Studio in Whanganui, at work this morning.

All content © 2009 Pete McGregor


PATERIKA HENGREAVES, Poet Laureate said...

Hi Pete

Quite amazing in so many ways. Thanks for the post. Happy holidays.

Zhoen said...

Takes a different sort of artist to ink human skin.

Barbara said...

It's interesting that even with all the 'whiteness' and modernity in the composition, I still feel the 'primal' aspect of this. Very cool. .... And very happy holidays, too!

pohanginapete said...

Thank you Paterika, and happy holidays to you also :^)

Zhoen, the need to avoid any mistakes would freak me out. I can imagine sneezing at the wrong moment and adding an unwanted nike logo.

Thanks Barbara. I have to admit the "whiteness" surprised me a little — never having been inside a tattoo studio, I guess subconsciously I was expecting a much grungier environment. But the lightness and cleanliness inspired confidence.