02 December 2009

Admiralty Bay, Marlborough Sounds

Evening, Admiralty Bay
In June 2005 I worked for a fortnight at French Pass in the Marlborough Sounds, helping with research on dolphins. The primary study area was Admiralty Bay, shown here in late evening.

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Anne-Marie said...

Oh yes. I want to go there. Love the seascape and the sense of calm in this photo.

Ruahines said...

Kia ora Pete,
As soon as I viewed this photo a sense of calmness ran through me, and then I read Anne-Marie's comment. Cool!

butuki said...

AHHHHH! Just to sit there for hours and hours and become the wind and completely forget who I am...

Sorry I haven't been around a while. I'm almost done updating my blog and will have it online as soon as I'm done with university test correcting (fun!). I also want to talk to you and a few others about a multi-author blog (Festival of Mountains, based on Dave Bonta's Festival of Trees) that I'm also putting together. I'll contact you soon.

Zhoen said...

There's a photo that just sucks me in, plops me down on the ground, and leaves me there in the wind.

Chapa said...

Great window to nature.

pohanginapete said...

Anne-Marie, it's a wonderful place, particularly for anyone who loves the sea. The only problem I could envisage if you went there is that you probably wouldn't want to leave.

Kia ora Robb. It was too cold to sit around for long, but in better weather it'd be easy to relax there almost indefinitely.

Miguel, you have my sympathy (and empathy) regarding the test correcting: I finished commenting on an agonising batch of assignments just a few weeks ago. A Festival of Mountains sounds like a marvellous idea — I'm astonished no one's got one off the ground already. I'll look forward to the new blog, too :^)

Zhoen, I'm sure you and D would love to spend some time there. Put it on the list ;^)

Chapa, thanks — at French Pass you're never far from nature.