18 December 2009

The big slip, Te Awaoteatua stream

Late light on the big slip

After heavy rain a few days ago a huge section of the hillside above Te Awaoteatua stream collapsed. It blocked the stream, which began to build up behind the natural dam, but prompt action saw a digger clear a passage to restore the flow.
My place is behind the trees on top of the terrace on the left hand side of the photo. A little too close for comfort, but not far to go yesterday evening when I walked down to photograph the slip. The bird is a kāhu (Australasian harrier; Circus approximans), heading off to roost for the night .

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Anne-Marie said...

WOW I had no idea the slip was so big. Do you know what caused it? Great pic - I love the sky with that lone kahu.

Zhoen said...

Geology having it's way, until thwarted.

pohanginapete said...

Anne-Narie, it's big all right. Presumably the heavy rain had an important role in causing the slip.

Zhoen, when geology wants to have its way, we can do little other than watch and try to clean up or adapt afterwards.