27 December 2009

2009 sampler: landscapes

(Apologies if you noticed the disappearance of the original version of this post  soon after it first appeared — somehow I managed to overwrite it irretrievably and had to reconstruct it almost from scratch. Zhoen and Christy: I’ll try to reinstate your comments, but if I fail, thanks anyway!)

Here’s something different — a set of photos (not necessarily my ‘favourites’) posted in 2009, with the theme ‘Landscapes’. They don’t cover the full range of landscape photos, they’re from 2009 only and they represent a narrow range of subjects I photograph. If you move the cursor over a photo the caption will appear; clicking a photo will take you to its page, where you can view a full-size photo with additional information. I haven’t yet decided how to incorporate a button to return you to this sampler page, so in the meantime just use your browser’s ‘Back’ button (or press <Alt><left arrow>).

For the best view, toggle full-screen mode (recommended) by pressing F11.

You can explore the site by clicking a label (scroll down to view the full list), by checking out the archives or by using the search facility in the navbar at the very top of the page.  When I add a few more of these sampler pages, the  most efficient way to explore might be to click the label ‘Sampler pages’.

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