16 October 2009

Summer's on the way [blowfly]

A bit of sun and this kind of wildlife starts appearing (it's an old photo, but relevant).

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PATERIKA HENGREAVES, Poet Laureate said...

Hi Pete

Interesting picture of the blowfly. Is the firefly another name for the blowfly?

Barbara said...

Stunning photo! The dorsal plating (?) looks like it could be the armor of an ancient Japanese sumarai, and the iridescence of the wings, the tiny bristles, the hammered gold look of the head give it a primitive splendor. All on a background of plainest brown. Are those windows reflected in the water drops? This is a very cool photo - I especially love the satiny, bronzey, bulby things on the sides of the back of its neck ... I'm half asleep and cannot remember the name for 'bug-ologist,' but I am obviously not one of those;-)

robin andrea said...

A good close look at a fly and it's easy to see how horror movies came up with the monsters. A beautiful creature and as other-worldly as any extra-terrestrial.

pohanginapete said...

Thanks Paterika. Fireflies are very different — they're actually beetles, not true flies.

Barbara, thanks for looking so closely :^) The reflections are of the translucent roof of the verandah (I think — it was a while ago). I think you mean "entomologist", but "bug-ologist" sounds just fine to me!

Robin Andrea, I seem to recall the acronym "BEMs" — "Bug-Eyed Monsters" used to be common in sci-fi films, but it's been a while since I've come across it. Maybe it's too closely associated with B-grade 1950s movies?