22 October 2009

The Red Chair

At Kausani in the evening, this reminded me strongly of William Carlos Williams' famous poem. (Clicking on the photo will take you to a closer view of the flag in the background.)

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Bill said...

Hey, this goes with your jacket! Red is definitely its own thing.

The flag: awesome.

Emma said...

I love this.

AJB said...

So, were you sitting on the chair to take this shot?


Music (Viv/Tony et al) at the Waterford on Sunday afternoon apparently.


pohanginapete said...

Bill, red's a colour in a class of its own. One reason I didn't like Velvia film was because anything red came out so oversaturated it generally ruined the photo.

Cheers Emma :^)

Andrew, no, I was slightly crouched at the time (at least that's how I remember it). Must've been close though, and it might have been the chair I sat in to eat whatever it was I ate there (an omelette, I think).
See you on Sunday, then.

robin andrea said...

I haven't thought of that red wheelbarrow in such a long time. One red chair is so interesting, facing away from the mountains, while all the other empty chairs take in the vista.

pohanginapete said...

Robin Andrea, well spotted. I hadn't registered consciously that the red chair faced away from the mountains. Must be a haiku or short poem there somewhere.