14 October 2009

The art of relaxation [Terry]

In mid January 2005, Terry, Lance and I walked up the Waimakariri and White rivers to Barker hut. We spent several days there, climbing Mts Wakeman and Murchison, then climbed over into the head of Greenlaw Creek, where we camped one night. The following day we found a way down through the bluffs and camped near the junction of Greenlaw Creek and the Waimakariri before walking out to the road in Nor'west rain the next day. But this final evening in the hills was beautiful, with (we thought) the hard work done and over. We relaxed in the late sun, but neither Lance nor I could achieve the kind of style with which Terry settled himself down — perfectly at home in the hills.

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Lesley said...

Yet another great portrait, Pete. I can count his whiskers and see the texture of his jacket, and am fascinated by the reflections in his specs - tiny windows to what he's seeing. Yes, he's obviously enjoying being in the hills.

Zhoen said...

You may tell him, if you think he'd like it, that I love his beard and would love to scritch it.

Ruahines said...

Kia ora Pete,
I love the feeling of contentment etched in this photo. The feeling after being in the mountains for four or five days and time just seems to take on a different perspective than when out here. Way to go Terry!

pohanginapete said...

Thanks Lesley. Terry's quite a character — all his friends can quote, or at least recognise, his mannerisms. He's great to photograph, too.

Zhoen, ha! I will pass the message on ;^D

Robb, it's certainly a wonderful feeling, and I think it does take a few days. The first day or two are often full of elation at being there again, and sometimes it's not until one settles in that the true relaxation creeps in.