17 October 2009

Evening flag, Kausani, Indian Himalaya

As evening turned to dusk at Kausani, a light breeze fluttered a flag. Across a great distance, the Himalaya began to fade. Crows flew home to roost.

All content © 2009 Pete McGregor


Anne-Marie said...

Such a simple photo, yet so evocative.

I think I like your simple photos best.

Zhoen said...

I agree.

The flag looks solid, somehow. Deeply still.

Barbara said...

Ohhhhh ... I'm speechless.

Patricia said...

I agree with the comments above, with such economy you have achieved a stellar image, yet again! I rarely use the word "unique", but it applies here.

pohanginapete said...

Anne-Marie, Zhoen, Barbara, Patricia — thank you all. I'm grateful for the feedback and very pleased this photo worked so well for you. :^)