06 October 2009

Giraffe, Kruger NP, South Africa

The sheer size of giraffes never fails to astonish me. They're strange animals, too — so weird they're almost disconcerting.
[April 2007]
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Zhoen said...

Like the focus on the pattern. An odd formation of coloration.

pohanginapete said...

Thanks Zhoen. Strange — the pattern is usually considered camouflage, but it seems so striking. Maybe we see differently from other predators, or perhaps we only notice what we see.

D.V.A. said...

did u apply any effects on the middle part of the animal? the pattern looks amazing. very good shot. I'm enjoying your South African visit so far :)

pohanginapete said...

D.V.A., thanks. The pattern's certainly striking, and I found it interesting to note the difference between the pattern here at Kruger and later at South Luangwa in Zambia. I increased the contrast for the giraffe's body only, but didn't want to take it too far for fear of losing detail.