12 August 2009

Palm squirrel, Ranthambhore NP

Palm squirrelThese little squirrels were among the most common mammals I saw in India. Yet another animal I never tired of seeing.

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Zhoen said...

Those eyes look like deer eyes, so large and dark.

Jono said...

Great shot Pete! I have been keeping an eye on your Photo-blog for some time now. Love your portrait shots.

This photo is superb, I especially like the selective focus on the head. You almost expect him to jump out of the screen.

How are the Ruahines these days?

pohanginapete said...

Zhoen: true. Not like the little black, beady eyes of mice and rats.

Cheers Jono; thanks for the thoughts :^) The Ruahine took a bit of a beating over the winter (some pretty vicious winds). I'm keen to get in there again; might head into one of the Pohangina huts some time soon, or maybe Pourangaki. When the days start to lengthen it might get a bit crowded in there, at least on weekends.