02 August 2009

No. 3 Line, winter

Number 3 Line's close enough for me to walk there, and I'm more inclined to carry the camera when walking than biking. After an initial section of winding road that climbs just steeply enough to work the legs and lungs nicely, the road levels out onto a terrace. Up there it can feel like a place from another world, another time.

Late evening, grim weather on the way.

All content © 2009 Pete McGregor


Anne-Marie said...

I love it. The strange light, the looming storm.

pohanginapete said...

If my memory's right, I got back before the rain. Glad you like the photo, Anne-Marie.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Pete - this is absolutely beautiful

Have you thought about running photography courses?

So glad i checked in

Michael said...

Thank goodness for the twist of those trees. They look like they are keeping the landscape from flying apart, opening up the earth to molten lava and such.

pohanginapete said...

Pixies, thanks. I ran a couple of workshops on "Environmental Photography" (the title was chosen for me) late last year for the NZ Photographic Society's central region convention, but that's about it. The thought's crossed my mind, vaguely, in the past, but now the new economics-focused government has scrapped its support for adult education (in essence, night classes), running a photography course has become substantially harder.

Michael, given New Zealand's geology (we're on the Pacific "Rim of Fire"), the possibility of molten lava isn't as purely metaphorical as it sounds. The Taupo eruption was one of the largest in recorded human history, yet it was a trainee fart compared to the Oruanui eruption (fortunately, 26 millennia ago).