05 August 2009

Driftwood roots

DriftwoodDriftwood Cove, November 2007. I couldn't escape the feeling this could have been some tentacled monster, cast up from the deep.

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Anne-Marie said...

Ooh yes, this makes me shiver! Wouldn't it be interesting to know this wood's story. What kind of wood is it, where did come from, how old is it, etc ... ?

I'd love to be at Driftwood Cover right now.

Barbara said...

The color in this is exquisite - and I am always thrilled at the sense of sound your photos evoke. This brings back a lot of memories, too, of all the driftwood I'd see along the shores of the Puget Sound. Wow.

Zhoen said...

It does have a certain intestinal quality.

Barbara said...

Oh no ... It just hit me ... intestines, sound ... it is funny, but not the 'sound' I meant;)

pohanginapete said...

Anne-Marie, it was such a distinctive colour. Did it acquire that on its long journey in the ocean, or was it already there when it was washed into the sea. And yes, I'd love to be there, too.

Barbara, thanks. I guess there are many people who've never seen the sea, and even more who can't associate a photo like this with personal memories. We're lucky, I think. And yes, maybe I should have called it "Borborygmus" :^)

Thanks Zhoen. I think ;^D