05 February 2009

Paddock by Tokeawa stream

Tokeawa Stream, Pohangina valley
Tokeawa stream runs through this paddock on its way to the Pohangina. This is how it felt a few days before last Christmas.

All content © 2009 Pete McGregor


Michael said...

Like a dream. Nice post production.

pohanginapete said...

Thanks Michael. I wouldn't want to overdo this effect, but it suits certain photos.

butuki said...

I really like this photo. As you say the effect goes wel with what you are trying to convey and what is happening in the photo. However, as an illustrator I also feel uncomfortable with something that looks like paint, but isn't. I wonder why? After all, if the lens glass was fogged or frosted you'd still get a similar effect...

pohanginapete said...

Interesting point, Miguel. Of course, a painting of this would have texture (physical), but perhaps that's a side issue. My guess is that your discomfort has something to do with perceptions of authenticity (although that probably just rephrases what you've already said).

I think a great many people, particularly those with long histories in photography, still struggle with the idea that photography is a medium just like oils, acrylic, pen-and-wash, gouache and so on. Who now insists that each of those media should 'look like' those media — that an oil painting should look like an oil painting (whatever that means), or an egg tempera painting isn't an authentic egg tempera painting if it looks like a photo?

I wonder — if you knew you were looking at a photo of a painting, how would that affect that feeling of discomfort?

Food for thought. Thanks Miguel.