09 February 2009

Grasses, last light

Summer grasses, last light
Just before the sun disappeared behind the western hills, a shaft of light stretched out to touch these grasses. I half expected Fenris-wolf to appear from the dark beyond.

All content © 2009 Pete McGregor


Relatively Retiring said...

What a wonderfully powerful image.

It also puts me in mind of my favourite literary quotation....'meanwhile, in another part of the forest...'

Anne-Marie said...

You know, this is one that doesn't quite work for me. The distant trees are wonderfully suggestive but the grass in the front doesn't look real. It's that sharp line separating light from dark, I think; and the light part is so light, it drowns out the rest of the image.

robin andrea said...

I always find that it's difficult to convey the real sense of light in an otherwise darkening forest. In some ways I think these kinds of images work better in black and white. I don't know why, but color seems to reduce the impact.

pohanginapete said...

RR, thank you. I was lucky with the light, although in this photo I might not have done it justice.

Robin Andrea and Anne-Marie — thanks for the thoughtful comments. I've just posted the black and white version; identical except for the colour. However, the photo still might not work — as I mentioned to RR, I simply might not have done justice to the light.