14 August 2014

Tandoor Bakery, Leh (2)

Here's another view of this ancient bakery in Old Leh. You're probably tired of my whingeing about trying to process these photographs using Photomate and Android, but the output from Photomate looks markedly different from the photograph while it's being processed. Oh for Lightroom and Windows!

I'm now back in Delhi after a highly eventful trip from Leh to Manali (almost 25 hours of travelling) and a frustrating bus journey from Manali to Delhi. The delays cost me any chance of getting to the Kazakhstan embassy today, so that will have to wait until Friday now. Delhi's still sweltering, although the temperature has dropped a little compared to a month ago.

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Elephant's Child said...

I remember a sweltering Delhi as a very smelly Delhi. Some mouth watering, and some stomach churning.
Love that bakery - and suspect the bread has more (and better) taste than much produced in our more sterile environments.

Anonymous said...

Wishing you safe passage, Pete. What incredible country you will see! -Maureen

pohanginapete said...

EC, maybe my memory's less reliable now, but compared to eight years ago, Delhi seems a little cleaner and the difficult smells fewer (this is in relative terms, though). Even the dogs seem less universally mangey -- some even seem quite healthy.

THank you, Maureen. I've already seen some wonderful places and I trust many more are to come.