08 August 2014

Bharal (blue sheep), Rumbak Valley, Ladakh

Bharal were the subject of the study undertaken by George Schaller and the late Peter Matthiessen, and described so marvellously in Matthiessen's classic, The Snow Leopard. The Rumbak Valley in Ladakh is the best place in the world to see wild snow leopard; unfortunately, not at this time of year, However, the bharal are abundant here, and tame. This is what they look like. They're very scruffy at the moment because most are still losing their winter coats.

With luck, I'll have some impressions of my four days here up on Pohanginapete very shortly. [Update: It's posted.]

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Relatively Retiring said...

What effective camouflage, and what keen-eyed interest you've aroused.

Elephant's Child said...

What incredible animals - and what a privilege to see them. Shame about the timing for the snow leopards though.

pohanginapete said...

RR, they're almost invisible when they're still.

EC, I'd love to return in February-March: cold, but worth it for the distinct possibility of seeing a snow leopard.

Zhoen said...

Bharal who know the river is there.

pohanginapete said...

Zhoen, they knew where the local crops were growing, too. This herd had a short time ago been chased out of someone's field.