09 August 2014

Charismatic macrofauna: lizard near Stok, Ladakh

Small things are oten overlooked in favour of the so-called 'charismatic megafauna' like snow leopards. Look closely, though, and some of these small things have their own charisma, not just in appearance but also in their behaviour. This little lizard, photographed on the walk from Changma Chan camp to Stok, at first wouldn't let me close but later relented and allowed me to wriggle close enough for a reasonable photograph.

I've posted a selection of impressions of my four days in the Rumbak/Changma/Stok area on the other blog.

By the time you get to see this post, I'll probably be on a minibus from Leh back to Manali. Posting might be sparse for a few days.

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Zhoen said...

Insouciant lizard.

Elephant's Child said...

The little things are huge in my world. Though I have to confess a snow leopard would trump (briefly) this little beauty. Thanks.

Relatively Retiring said...

Clever camouflage again, and it's great that he/she relented to the request for a portrait.

pohanginapete said...

Zhoen, nice choice of word.

EC, me too!

RR, yes, interesting how something so brightly coloured can blend in so well with the background.