21 December 2011

Dawn at Puerto Montt

Although the ferry berthed at about midnight, we stayed on board, had breakfast the next day, then disembarked. I wandered the deck at dawn, almost alone, watching the light grow, the colours change, a seal swimming.

All content © 2011 Pete McGregor


The Elephant's Child said...

What a marvellous scene. I love the way the clouds look a little like flying geese. Thank you.

Zhoen said...

There is a smell to very early morning on the water, like nothing else on earth. A little different ocean from freshwater, but distinct still. A quality of temperature, of silence, of light that gets into the nose and the snake brain, and leaves a mark forever.

Relatively Retiring said...

What a beautiful, quiet scene - any small harbour, any time, any place, and as Zhoen says, the smell wafts through the screen.

pohanginapete said...

Elephant's Child, thank you. Most of what I heard or read about Puerto Montt persuaded me not to stop there but to catch the bus to Puerto Varas. In retrospect, I suspect Puerto Montt deserved a little time at least.

Beautifully said, and very true, Zhoen. Thank you.

RR, I did appreciate the tranquility — particularly noticeable after three days of continuous engine noise.