24 January 2010

Michael Vink in action, New Zealand Cycling Road Race Championship

Michael Vink, in the green and yellow, speeds past
Michael Vink is just 18 years old, yet he turned in an inspired performance at the national cycling road race championships a few weeks ago. Here, he and one other rider lead the peloton by over two and a half minutes. He stayed out in front for nine of the twelve laps despite riding a borrowed bike for the first three laps and losing a minute — and his momentum — after a puncture with three laps to go. The peloton finally caught him only on the last lap. Earlier in the race we’d watched as he led the way up the steep hill climb, apparently relaxed and hardly puffing while the one other rider with him, although grimly staying close, clearly felt the effort.
I panned this photo to help convey the sense of speed. It’s a well known trick, but effective nevertheless.

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Anne-Marie said...

This is different from your usual style! I love the feeling of speed in this photo.

[Vink must be very fit - he's not puffing and almost looks relaxed!]

pohanginapete said...

Thanks Anne-Marie; glad you like it.

It really was astonishing to see how relaxed he appeared. If he continues to improve at this rate — or even more slowly — I'm sure he'll be right up there with the best international riders.