12 January 2010

Keeping warm, Jodhpur

Burning seems to be a national pastime in India — well, at least where I travelled — although perhaps it's more aptly described as smouldering: usually more smoke than heat. Often the purpose of these fires seems to be not just to keep warm but to dispose of rubbish (as far as I could tell, cardboard, plastic and dried dung formed the main fuel for the small fires I saw), but perhaps their most important function, recognised or not, is as focal points around which to gather. That’s the manager of my guest house on the left with the big grin; the three with uncovered heads I believe are family, and I don’t know who the two grim guys are — possibly behind-the-scenes staff. Mid January, 2007.

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the watercats said...

you hit it on the head I reckon.. that and the human lust for our power over fire.. I personally wouldn't be able to live without an open fire in the house, it is a reassuring act of ritual :-)

Zhoen said...

Such a collection of expressions.

pohanginapete said...

Watercats — yes, I guess our relationship with fire is as old as we're human.

Zhoen, they're certainly diverse ;^)