01 November 2009

Zebra, Nyika Plateau, Malawi

On the Nyika Plateau in northern Malawi, Crawshay's zebra (Equus guagga crawshayi, a subspecies of the plains zebra) were common. Although a lone zebra in grassland like this appears conspicuous, a herd can be confusing to look at, particularly when they're running, and I imagine they'd be hard to spot in the dappled light of the small patches of forest scattered around the Plateau.
[Updated 3 November 2009 to add details of identification]

All content © 2009 Pete McGregor


the watercats said...

there's something about the loudness of zebra that I admire. It's also interesting that they work on confusion rather than complete camoflage. beautiful picture :-)

Zhoen said...

Sure it's not a donkey painted like a zebra?


Patricia said...

I love the feathery texture of the grasses that softens the bold contrast of the zebra's coat. This is a spectacular image!

Barbara said...

This is what draws me back time and time again - your obvious love of nature and your beautiful way of capturing it! I love fields of waving grasses, especially when the wind ruffles over them. In this photo, aside from the zebra's inherent 'flamboyant' beauty, I like that the muted shades of the grass pick up those same shades in the zebra's coat ... it isn't totally 'black and white' ... if you know what I mean;)

Anonymous said...

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pohanginapete said...

Watercats, thanks. I know that kind of defence is common among other kinds of animals, but offhand I can't think of other examples among mammals. Zebras seem like op-art animals to me.

Zhoen — pretty sure! I saw a news clip on TV about that and just had to shake my head.

Thanks Patricia :^)

Barbara, thanks, and yes, I understand. Actually, the tawny colour in the coat seemed ubiquitous among the zebras on the Nyika Plateau, and I still don't know whether it was inherent in the hair or just picked up from rolling (I assume they have a good thrash around on the ground every so often, the way horses seem to love).

Anon., I had a bit of a hunt around after reading your comment, and although I've not looked as thoroughly as you, I wasn't impressed about how hard it was to find any substantive information about how much money had been raised and where it had gone.
The problems with ensuring "aid" money (arguably a complete misnomer) got to where it was intended led NZ millionaire Gareth Morgan to check it out for himself (he donated his own money — quite a bit, too). He's pretty cynical and isn't known for mincing his words (I disagree strongly with some of his arguments), but his impressions of Malawi were pretty close to mine (although I think he's got the state of the Lake itself completely wrong). The brief article is at: http://articles.garethmorgan.com/malawian-magic_1154.html

robin andrea said...

Truly stunning, Pete. I never realized how much is not really white on a zebra, and how except for the black it would blend quite well in the grasslands.

pohanginapete said...

Thanks Robin Andrea. One of the things I like about this photo is realising that these animals aren't endangered (yet).