29 November 2009

Sunset, Jodhpur

Time to roost

A typical Indian sunset. The bird is a black kite (Milvus migrans).  Jodhpur, mid January 2007.

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P.E.A. said...

How beautifully atmospheric.
Your (second/once removed?) cousin is due here in a couple of hours after travelling in India. I shall point her at this page the minute she gets over the jet-lag

P.E.A. again said...

....and I forgot to say, the kite makes it (in every sense, I hope).

Diana (the second cousin once removed or something) said...

So envious of your beautiful sunset shot. I'm totally thrilled with India but have failed to capture it with your skill.

pohanginapete said...

P.E.A., thank you. It doesn't pay to think too closely about what gives that (literal) atmosphere its, well, atmosphere. Some of it might be dust; I doubt water vapour makes much contribution, given Jodhpur's in the middle of the desert; in short, I think it's a safe bet most of it arises from human activity.
I never tired of seeing those kites (and other birds).

Diana, I'm so pleased you enjoyed India. I only got to see a small part of it but I think about it often. Photos are all well and good, but they're no substitute for real things; for intense moments; for memories.