16 November 2009

Woman at Kileshwar, Barda Hills, Gujarat

A typical smile at Kileshwar After a few days the local people recognised us and smiles like this became common.

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Zhoen said...

Well, you make me smile every morning, so not a surprize you inspire such greetings in person.

Barbara said...

What a beautiful way to be greeted! Do you know the 'story' behind the tattoos (?) on her neck? I've never seen nor heard of such ... hmmm ... and, yes, you inspire smiles here, too;-)

pohanginapete said...

Zhoen, I'm glad the photos do that. Thanks :^)

Barbara, thanks :^) I don't know the significance of the tattoos but we were told when the women (and it's only the women who are extensively tattooed like this) have them done, the swelling means it's about three days before they can eat. When I get back there, I'll try to learn more.